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Basic Web Solutions



Package Includes:

  • 3-4 Main Pages
  • Semi-Custom Design
  • Homepage Banner
  • Logo Implementation
  • Contact Form
  • Email Setup
  • Turnaround: 2-3 wks
  • Maintenance: $30/m (optional)
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Brief Description


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A basic multi-album gallery that features a Lightbox (or equivalent) for zoomed-up viewing. $150 Add to Cart
A basic monthly viewable calendar to showcase brief information on upcoming events. $100 Add to Cart
Dropdown Menu
A low-key dropdown menu. $75 Add to Cart
Social Media Setup
We’ll setup a Facebook business page (“like” page), a Twitter account, and facilitate communication between each account. $100 Add to Cart
Semi-Custom WP Blog
We’ll install the Wordpress script onto the server, install a basic template, and then customize it to resemble your website. $300 Add to Cart
Twitter Feed
We install and customize a Twitter feed onto your website. $150 Add to Cart
Post-Launch Google Analytics
We will setup Google Analytics onto your website, monitor traffic for 3-6 months, and then write a report for your review. $450 Add to Cart
Copywriting (text)
We write textual content. 300 words is about half a page of 10-12pt text. 3-4 page websites usually need 300-600 words for content. 8-10 page websites usually need 900-1500 words for content. $30/300 words Add to Cart
Copy Editing
We simply edit your already prepared textual content. A full page of 10-12pt text is about 600 words. $10/300 words Add to Cart
Basic Photo Editing
We make basic edits to your photos to correct color, darkness, add simple filters, and/or add simple watermarks. $5/photo Add to Cart
Rush Orders
A request to subtract from the deadline. $200/week Add to Cart
Badge Removal
Our company badge is displayed on the website in the form of small text and/or logo, and it links back to our website. $300 Add to Cart