Feruzi Mwero

My Portfolio - Logos & Branding

  • Charman MFG Logo

    This logo is a redesign of the closely related original.

    Client Charman Manufacturing
    Date July 25th 2012
    Tags logo redesign
  • Simply Your Day Logo

    Adri Flores, co-owner of Simply Your Day, sketched a concept for the logo, and we turned it into a digital design.

    Client Simply Your Day
    Date February 9th 2012
    Tags logo design
  • Above The Bar Logo

    This logo is a redesign of the closely related original.

    Client Above The Bar
    Date May 31st 2011
    Tags logo redesign
  • Wholesome International Logo

    Wholesome International needed a logo that was bright and promoted organic health and growth.

    Client Wholesome International
    Date April 26th 2011
    Tags logo design
  • TavaresFranklin.com Logo

    This logo was designed for Tavares Franklin's blog and marketing campaigns.

    Client Tavares Franklin
    Date November 21st 2010
    Tags logo design
  • Jaime Gomez's Logo

    Jaime Gomez wanted a simple, classy, and sophisticated logo for his make-up business.

    Client Jaime Gomez
    Date November 18th 2010
    Tags logo design
  • Thunderbird Boys' Dorm Logo

    The boys' dorm wanted a logo they could use to build comradery and brotherhood.

    Client Thunderbird Academy Boys' Dorm
    Date September 2nd 2010
    Tags logo design
  • Jewel's Holiday Lights Logo

    Although installing holiday lights may seem seasonal, Jewel's Holiday Lights wanted a logo for year-round marketing.

    Client Jewel's Holiday Lights
    Date Novermber 6th 2008
    Tags logo design
  • 2008-2009 Season Theme Logo

    Each year (July-June) the SECC Youth Department launches a new theme and logo.

    Client Southeastern California Conference
    Date September 4th 2008
    Tags logo design
  • Missions Department Logo

    The Missions Department needed a bright logo to use for all their marketing campaigns.

    Client LaSU Missions
    Date December 1st 2005
    Tags logo design
  • Bottled-Water Branding Concept

    This branding concept was designed for a potential bottled-water project.

    Client LaSU SIFE
    Date Novermber 29th 2005
    Tags brandinglabel design