Feruzi Mwero

My Portfolio - Web Design & Development

  • CreativeStrandz513.com

    A creative, innovative hair salon a few minutes outside Cincinnati.

    Client Creative Strandz
    Date June 18th 2013
    Tags web designweb development
  • MahoganysAtTheBanks.com

    The stylish, luxurious Mahogany restaurant located in downtown Cincinnati.

    Client Mahogany's At The Banks
    Date September 28th 2012
    Tags web designweb development
  • CrushImagingStudios.com

    Crush Imaging Studios designs corporate and urban graphics and web elements.

    Client Crush Imaging Studios
    Date September 20th 2012
    Tags drupalweb designweb development
  • ShreddedMemories.com

    Shredded Memories designs fashionably shredded hats that you can purchase directly off of their website.

    Client Shredded Memories
    Date August 21st 2012
    Tags web designweb developmente-commerce
  • HotepHair.com

    Hotep Hair offers premium quality wigs, hair, and accessories.

    Client Hotep Hair
    Date August 21st 2012
    Tags web designweb developmente-commerce
  • EventorsMP.net

    Eventors MP is an elite company specializing in providing and promoting entertainment and travel events across the globe.

    Client Eventors Marketing & Promotion
    Date August 2nd 2012
    Tags account transferweb maintenancee-commerce
  • SimplyYourDay.com

    Whether you are preparing yourself for a wedding, birthday, bridal or baby shower, quinceanera, or a fun party, Simply Your Day reminds you it is all about you or your guest of honor – it is simply your day.

    Client Simply Your Day
    Date March 27th 2012
    Tags web designweb development
  • AboveTheBar.com

    Dr. Shirani de Alwis-Chand is an educational consultant and speaker whose experience has spanned almost 30 years. She has served as an educator, researcher, educational speaker, and mentor.

    Client Dr. Shirani de Alwis-Chand
    Date June 9th 2011
    Tags web designweb developmente-commerce
  • TavaresFranklin.com

    Tavares is a man, a son, a grandson, a brother, a friend, a journalist, a mentor, a leader, a follower, a lover, a fighter, a realist, a Taurus.

    Client Tavares Franklin
    Date November 22nd 2010
    Tags web designweb developmentwordpress
  • Jaime-Gomez.com

    With a range from flawless innocence to sexy sophistication Jaime Gomez has the ability to create unique looks that meet the individual's styles and preferences.

    Client Jaime Gomez
    Date November 19th 2010
    Tags web designweb development
  • BoyandaGirl.com

    The 2011 wedding with over 260 guests that took place in Redlands, CA.

    Client The Feruzi & Cherisse Wedding
    Date May 14th 2010
    Tags web designweb developmentwordpress
  • AlliedModular.com

    Allied Modular was established in California over 20 years ago and is now the fastest growing modular company in the commercial building industry.

    Client Allied Modular Building Systems
    Date July 20th 2009
    Tags web designweb developmentwordpress
  • TanWall.com

    TanWall is a prefabricated modular wall company designed specifically to fit the distinctive needs of salon environments.

    Client TanWall
    Date June 10th 2009
    Tags web designweb developmentwordpress
  • TeenNowCalifornia.org

    TeenNow California is a state-wide organization that provides training, technical assistance, advocacy, and professional development opportunities to those working with adolescents.

    Client TeenNow California
    Date March 2008
    Tags web designweb development
  • HansonHarmonies.com

    The Mission of Hanson Harmonies is to write, produce, and perform music that touches, challenges, heals, and inspires everyone who experiences the message.

    Client Hanson Music Studios
    Date February 29th 2008
    Tags web designweb development
  • PSRCamp.org

    The website was a perfect compliment to the 2008 summer camp season.

    Client Southeastern California Conference
    Date February 27th 2008
    Tags web designweb development