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How I Helped Heal My Fractured L1 Vertebrae

As some of you know, on December 27, 2009, I fractured my L1 vertebrae while sledding at Mt. Charleston (40 miles or so outside Las Vegas). I, later, also discovered I fractured my L5, fractured my coccyx, and rotated my sacrum. Oh happy days!

As of today I can say I am probably 97% fully recovered. I continue to have mild pain around my tailbone if I stay in one position for too long — sitting, standing, or laying down. Occasionally if I push myself a little too hard in a workout, or do it wrong I may have some pain around L1 and tailbone for a little while, but it never lasts too long. Nevertheless, I am fully active, playing sports whenever I can — basketball, soccer, etc. — and working out with P90X. Since I’ve lost weight, nearly 50 pounds, I have decided to start a running┬áregimen. My goal is to run my first half-marathon next year around this time.

None of what I am doing, or plan to do, was possible in the days, weeks, and months following my accident. So, here are the methods* I used to get where I am today.
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Congratulations to me! I’ve made it through the first 4 weeks that is Phase 1. I am just a couple days away from the official Phase 1 weigh-in and photoshoot (not a real photoshoot… just my wife taking the pictures). Now, to be honest, I could be a little disappointed that I have not lost as much weight as I initially throught I would by now, but I truly am not. I wish I was a few pounds lighter, but I can fit into cloths I couldn’t fit in just one month ago. I can also where my one and only suit, and look good in it. I’m proud of my progress, even if my “numbers” may not suggest much.


This past recovery week, as much as it did employ 2 yoga sessions, 2 Core Synergistics (R) sessions, and 1 cardio workout, was still a rather chill week. The lack of high intensity strength training workouts was a good break for my body. The issue however, could be getting back into the “Bring It” mode that is so essential to significant growth. I’m not too worried, but I know it will be a change of pace that might take a few days to get used to again.

The Reward

In all my past attempts at P90X, and throughout this last attempt, I’ve never really felt confident with Yoga X (R). I love the concept of the workout, but performing, especially at over 250 pounds, is tough. This past week I had to do ti twice, and I was sure the second time around it would be a mess. To my surprise, I noticed that my strength in certain poses was much improved, and my flexibility had also experienced gains. I started to really enjoy the different poses and looking forward to the next one. Needlesss to say, I can’t wait for Yoga X (R) this next week.

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P90X, The 3rd Attempt: Week 5 Redone

I redeemed myself from my horrible week 5.

The Challenge

Coming off of a no-workout week was a little hard. I was excited to workout, but my body needed a little more motivation to get moving. My main challenge however was pushing myself to the next level in reps and weights. I knew I needed to challenge my body, but exactly how much I push I did not know. Unfortunately I might have pushed a little too far.

By the end of the week I was immensely sore throughout my calves, upper thighs, triceps, biceps and chest. So much so, it slightly affected my performance during my Saturday night soccer game.

Lesson of the week: don’t force it!

The Reward

Halfway through the week I realized that my sacrum was not rubbing the way it has previously during certain exercises. My belief is that as my body is trimming down, and I perform Yoga X and X-Stretch, my sacrum might be repositioning itself into the correct place. Some of the stretches my physical therapist recommended to hopefully reposition my sacrum resemble stretches that are performed in Yoga X and X-Stretch. It felt really good to workout without the annoying rubbing in my lower back.