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How I Helped Heal My Fractured L1 Vertebrae

As some of you know, on December 27, 2009, I fractured my L1 vertebrae while sledding at Mt. Charleston (40 miles or so outside Las Vegas). I, later, also discovered I fractured my L5, fractured my coccyx, and rotated my sacrum. Oh happy days!

As of today I can say I am probably 97% fully recovered. I continue to have mild pain around my tailbone if I stay in one position for too long — sitting, standing, or laying down. Occasionally if I push myself a little too hard in a workout, or do it wrong I may have some pain around L1 and tailbone for a little while, but it never lasts too long. Nevertheless, I am fully active, playing sports whenever I can — basketball, soccer, etc. — and working out with P90X. Since I’ve lost weight, nearly 50 pounds, I have decided to start a running┬áregimen. My goal is to run my first half-marathon next year around this time.

None of what I am doing, or plan to do, was possible in the days, weeks, and months following my accident. So, here are the methods* I used to get where I am today.
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P90X, The 3rd Attempt: Week 5 Redone

I redeemed myself from my horrible week 5.

The Challenge

Coming off of a no-workout week was a little hard. I was excited to workout, but my body needed a little more motivation to get moving. My main challenge however was pushing myself to the next level in reps and weights. I knew I needed to challenge my body, but exactly how much I push I did not know. Unfortunately I might have pushed a little too far.

By the end of the week I was immensely sore throughout my calves, upper thighs, triceps, biceps and chest. So much so, it slightly affected my performance during my Saturday night soccer game.

Lesson of the week: don’t force it!

The Reward

Halfway through the week I realized that my sacrum was not rubbing the way it has previously during certain exercises. My belief is that as my body is trimming down, and I perform Yoga X and X-Stretch, my sacrum might be repositioning itself into the correct place. Some of the stretches my physical therapist recommended to hopefully reposition my sacrum resemble stretches that are performed in Yoga X and X-Stretch. It felt really good to workout without the annoying rubbing in my lower back.