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P90X, The 4th Attempt: I Am a P90X Grad!

I am happy to announce that I, Feruzi Mwero, officially became a P90X Graduate on October 28, 2011.

Despite all my fears from my 3 previous failed attempts, I conquered the P90X mountain. My simple goal was to lose 18 pounds. My journey, however, included a 4-pound weight gain right off the bat, a 3-week plateau, and a 4-week avoidance from the scale as a finale. In the end I lost a measly 14 pounds. Wait. Let me restate that properly. I LOST AND INCREDIBLE 14 POUNDS!! I may have missed my goal by 4 pounds, but I feel amazing, muscles are popping up every where, and I look healthier. How did I do it?

  1. I brought everything I had into the program. I convinced myself and my body to keep pushing through no matter what.
  2. If I missed a day, I made a plan of action to catch up, by working out twice on one of the days during that week, or by shifting my schedule over by one day to cover my rest day. But in no way would I allow one missed day to turn into two.
  3. If I felt really good at the end of the week, I did X-Stretch. If I felt tired and sore, I rested.
  4. I researched into my nutrition, what I like to eat, what I can cook or prepare that works with my schedule, and what supplements a growing man like me needs.
  5. I researched other ways to burn calories through my day, and practiced those techniques (not perfected, mind you).
  6. I motivated myself by reading other people’s success stories (and not just from P90X).
  7. I also motivated myself by meditating everyonce in a while. In my meditations I would imagine myself at my physical goal, then visually imagine myself getting there (working out, eating right, etc.), and end my meditations imagining how happy I would be at my physical goal (either trying on clothes, going to the beach, running a marathon, etc). It sounds crazy, but if the mind is on board with your physcial fitness plan, your decisions and your body have no choice but to follow.
  8. I didn’t follow my meal plan to a ‘T’, but I kept track of my caloric and nutrional intake. I wasn’t a typical calorie counter. I would pick random days to track my calories and then base the rest of the days following around that day. If my diet was forced to change (like we forgot to buy pasta), I tracked my calories on those days and based the following days on that diet.
  9. I used common sense where applicable.
  10. I remebered to have fun with my family and friends.

My Challenge

The challenege going into my rest week will surely be taking up running again. I’ve decided that by next year this time (Fall 2012) I want to run a half marathon, and by Spring 2013, I want to run a full marathon. Oh, Lord!

My new running regimen will start out just as any other amatuer should start out — slow. I’ll start with quick walks and an occasional jog, and work myself up to a non-stop 3-mile run by the end of this year. Hopefully.

My other challenege is deciding exactly what to do after my rest week. I want to take up P90X again at some point, but I’m not sure if I should focus on building my running stamina without P90X, and instead going to my apartment complex gym on non-running days, or doing a combination of the doubles schedule but exchanging certain Cardio X routines with running. Oh, there are so many options once you’re a P90X Grad. Hahahahahahahha!

The Reward

I get to relish in the fact that I have not been in my 230′s since December of 2008. I get to celebrate my renewed mobility and flexibility after fracturing my L1, and damaging my L5, sacrum, and coccyx in December of 2009. Finally, I get bragging rights that I finished a full round of P90X after my first attempt in May of 2010. I did it and I’m proud of myself!

Onward, to new and daring adventures! See you there!

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P90X, The 4th Attempt: I Just Finished What?

On Wednesday, September 28, 2011, I reached the 60 day mark of my 4th attempt to finish a full round of P90X. For some, this is routine. For myself however, this is remarkable. I took pictures, and as soon as I have them off the camera I plan to post them.

The Challenge

I weighed myself today and I lost 1.6 pounds. Yes! Why is this in the challenge section? Two reasons. (1) It will barely show in my 60 day pictures I post. If you read my last post I was in a three week plateau before this past week. That is a bit of a blow to psychy, but not a disaster by any means. (2) 1.5 pounds is great, but it’s just the beginning. From here until the end (the 90 day mark) I am not going to weigh myself. It will be tempting to pull out the scale and judge my progression by the numbers, but I am not going to do it. In order to reach my goal I will have to lose 2.5 pounds a week from here on out. Possible? Yes. Likely? No. Dissapointed. Hell no! I’ve gotten this far and I plan to finish strong. I don’t need the scale to distract me.

The Reward

Simply. Week 10 is about to start. I feel good about myself.

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P90X, The 4th Attempt: The Plateau of Doom

The madness, the horror, the humanity! It’s the plateau of doom! Noooooooo!

That’s exactly how I’ve felt for the past three weeks as my body has seen tremendous strength gains, but absolutely no weight loss. Now, mind you, I’ve noticed little, minute changes in my body, in terms of fat loss (like more visible vains), but the scale has fluctuated within a small range and showing no weight loss.

I understand this plateau does not mean I am not doing any work, but it very much feels like it. Why? Because I am focusing too much on the scale. I sent my TeamBeachBody coach an email and he recommended I decrease my calic intake (this was based upon the information I provided him in the email). I had previously done some research, in case of such a depressing event as a multi-week plateau, and some of the articles I read suggested the same thing. So, I intend to do so. Week 9 should be interesting.

The Challenge

Decreasing calories, after I thought I would have the luxury of slightly increasing calories by now will be a bit of a blow to my psychy as I push through week 9. Nevertheless, I’ve done it before and it should be a lot easier since I have experience to do it again.

The Reward

I’m doing so many more push-ups than when I started. I’m genuinely impressed with myself. Sometimes, when trying to follow along with the DVD I wonder if I’ll ever see myself hitting the type of numbers or lifting the amount of weight that Tony and the others do. This week I watched myself conquer Reach High and Under Push-ups. I did as many as they asked for in Core Synergistics. I even felt good enough to do a couple more. YES! Improvement!

Originally posted on TeamBeachbody.com