Freakin eh! Last week was one heck of a challenge. I did my best to bring it and let me tell you, my body is lettin’ me know I brought it. It was the last week for Shoulder & Arms, and Chest & Back. Now, I only have one more week for Chest, Shoulders & Triceps, and Back & Biceps. After this next week (week 12) is week 13. My last week. I’m almost there folks.

The Challenge

Food! I have gotten the eating part down. I know how to do that. It’s now the eating the right stuff. Here’s why it will be a challenge this week. My wife’s cousin is having her first baby. We are helping my wife’s cousin and her husband collect all the proper baby stuff they need and than delivering it to them all the way in Phoenix from Redlands, CA (SoCal). Their schedules are blocking them from doing it themselves, and the expectant mother just needs to get her rest. So, because my wife and I’s schedules are so packed usually, an attempt to add this much work and a small trip throws a wrench into our gears. Furthermore, this week is particularly busy for me do to work and appointments. For my wife, she’s tryign to prepare for tests next week. Triple the workload we’re used to. We didn’t have time this weekend to make food for the week, and while I was hanging out with friends, my wife bought pizza that should nto go to waste and spoil in the fridge. Long story short: I’m eating a slice of pizza a day (excpet for tomorrow when I will be eating two), and fighting the urge to grab something quick and unhealthy to eat. I’ll have to aim for healthy fast foods (there are some if you comb the menu properly, and leave out unecessary dressings). I’m also, since I’ll be eating higher caloric foods than I am used to, going to have to reduce my portion size. Whew! Pray for me this week.

The Reward

I finally sat down, did some research, and picked out a good mutli-vitamin for men. I stopped by my local Vitamin Shoppe, bought the mutli-vitamin and a melatonin supplement. Why are these in the reward section? The melatonin should help me sleep better through the night. It’s been a tiny bit of a struggle for me. The multi-vitamin should help with the slight nutritional gaps that I know I have in my diet. One thing I know for a fact, I don’t get enough sun. Yes, I live in sunny SoCal and in hot-desert Vegas. How can i not get enough sun? I spend most of my time in a car, in an office, or in an appointment. Believe me, I don’t get enough sun. I know of at least two substances I’m missing because of that. Proper Vitamin D and Melatonin synthesis, in your body, occurs when you eat right and get some sun. According to a study I read ( black men, like myself, need 90 minutes of sun exposure a day on either exposed shoulders, arms, and legs, to properly generate the amount of Vitamin D a man should have. Melatonin is produced as a result of Seratonin that occurs in the body when it is exposed to daylight. The sooner in the morning you’re exposed to daylight, the better. Melatonin is even more important for men because studies have shown that men with prostate cancer tend to have lower levels of melatonin (the study’s are quoted here:, and there’s a lof helpful information here:;jsessionid=57F4050671F4D6800F4BD27452503907?articleURI=info%3Adoi%2F10.1289%2Fehp.116-a160). Okay… now you know why a multi-vitamin and a melatonin supplement are a reward for me, and should probably be a reward for you too.

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