The 12th week, this past week, flew by so fast. It didn’t help that my wife and I had a ton of things to do that included a small trip to Phoenix from SoCal. Nevertheless, I managed to hit play even when I had to do it a couple hours before driving 4 hours on Thursday night. On Friday I capped off the week with Kenpo X in Phoenix and took the rest option for the 7th day on Saturday. How was week 12?

I brought it on every workout. On every move, every set, every rep I made it as intence as possible. I dipped lower than ever, I lifted more than ever, I jumped higher than ever, and kept it up longer than ever. Why? Because I have a goal to fulfill. and I’m going to get as close as I can to my goal.

The Challenge

Because I am still in Phoenix, and I forgot to bring my yoga mat, and I am here to help my wife’s cousin, and her husband, prepare and bring home their new baby from the hospital, I will not be able to start week 13 on time (today). Instead, I’ll have to start it tomorrow and hope to catch up. Can I do it? Yes. Will it be hard? Yes.

There’s also a second facet to this week’s challenge. Because of my previous personal challenge to myself, I have not weighed myself in about 3 weeks. I don’t know how well my weight loss goal is really going except for the fact that I can wear clothes I have not put on since late 2008. That’s great, but the last time I checked my weight I still has roughly 12 pounds to lose to reach my goal. I intend to finish strong, but because it is a recovery week, I am going to have supplement a couple extra workouts to add a little more calorie burn for the week. *Sigh*.

The Reward

I can’t wait to finally claim I have finished a full round of P90X. Even if I don’t reach my weight goal, the accomplishment of finishing an intense 90-day workout program is in itself amazing. I have done a great job. There’s no denying it. And because so, I will take the perverbial victory lap next week. I will speak of myself with pride. I will congratulate myself, and after all is said and done seven days later, I will start it all over again.

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