In one way it seems like I started this last round of P90X forever ago. Then, when I look at the schedule and realize it’s been 10 weeks, in another way it seem like this round has flown by so fast. I know. It’s weird. It’s also very hard to explain the feeling. In any way, 10 weeks are long gone. Only three more left. What a journey!

The Challenge

As I head into week 11, I’m a little unsure about my previous personal challenge to leave the scale alone and focus on the task at hand. I haven’t slipped, but I really want to check on my progress. Don’t worry. I’m not confessing about a future sin. I will continue with my personal challenge. I just have to sink it into my head that if I keep with my diet plan and workout results will follow.

The Reward

Simply put, my butt has gotten smaller. Hahahahaha! But it’s so true! I noticed before, but I noticed it even more this past week. My butt, which has always been, and will continue to be, slightly bigger than the average man’s, is no longer taking up as much room in my pants. All my pants fit baggier. Some have no hope of staying up without a tight belt. My big booty is slowly turning into a fit one. Oh yeah!

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