Wow!! I completely under-estimated muscle confusion. I had no clue one recovery week and a couple changes in the schedule could have such an effect. I felt almost as challanged as I was on the first week of this round. I didn’t give in though. I fought for more in each and every workout. Sure, this past week kicked my ass, but it felt good, I’ll tell you what (you say that last phrase with a King of the Hill accent).

The Challenge

This coming week will bring a whole new challenege I have never faced while attempting to finish P90X: a road trip. Not a long trip. Just a short 2-day drive from SoCal (Southern California) to San Antonio, Texas. One of my dearest friends is moving out to Weslaco, Texas (down by the horn) to start her new teaching job (bless her heart). She would rather not drive the entire route herself so we’ve planned a small 2-day drive. Luckily, I have cousin, and my teacher friend has an Uncle in Phoenix, where we plan to make stops. I should be able to fit in a workout at my cousins place. My cousin’s husband will understand because he’s doing Insanity right now. I might even get him to workout with me. The point is, I have to change my routine a bit, but with a little bit of ingenuity I’ll get in all my workouts for the week. Here’s how the 2-day road trip P90X Classic schedule looks like so far:

  • Sunday: Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps + Ab Ripper X (just like normal).
  • Monday: Skip Plyometrics, substitute Back & Biceps (no Ab Ripper X).
  • Tuesday: Leave early in the morning for Phoenix, do Plyometrics in Phoenix.
  • Wednesday: Should be somwhere in Texas, do Yoga X at the hotel.
  • Thursday: Fly from San Antonio, land in Cali by noon, do Legs & Back like normal.

The Reward

The weigh-in today rewarded me with a 1.8 pound loss. I felt awesome when I saw the drop. It may not sound like much, but it (1) solidifies that I am truly under 250 pounds (a milestone for me); and (2) considering I am gaining muscle, an almost 2 pound weight loss in the process, in one week, is amazing. I also took pictures on Day 30. I saw a noticeable difference in muscle build and my love handles are significantly smaller. YES!

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