The madness, the horror, the humanity! It’s the plateau of doom! Noooooooo!

That’s exactly how I’ve felt for the past three weeks as my body has seen tremendous strength gains, but absolutely no weight loss. Now, mind you, I’ve noticed little, minute changes in my body, in terms of fat loss (like more visible vains), but the scale has fluctuated within a small range and showing no weight loss.

I understand this plateau does not mean I am not doing any work, but it very much feels like it. Why? Because I am focusing too much on the scale. I sent my TeamBeachBody coach an email and he recommended I decrease my calic intake (this was based upon the information I provided him in the email). I had previously done some research, in case of such a depressing event as a multi-week plateau, and some of the articles I read suggested the same thing. So, I intend to do so. Week 9 should be interesting.

The Challenge

Decreasing calories, after I thought I would have the luxury of slightly increasing calories by now will be a bit of a blow to my psychy as I push through week 9. Nevertheless, I’ve done it before and it should be a lot easier since I have experience to do it again.

The Reward

I’m doing so many more push-ups than when I started. I’m genuinely impressed with myself. Sometimes, when trying to follow along with the DVD I wonder if I’ll ever see myself hitting the type of numbers or lifting the amount of weight that Tony and the others do. This week I watched myself conquer Reach High and Under Push-ups. I did as many as they asked for in Core Synergistics. I even felt good enough to do a couple more. YES! Improvement!

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