I am disbelief that I am about to start Week 8. I have done an outstanding job so far, and I’m just so happy be to so consistent for so long.

The Challenge

I have a couple things happening in my life right now that are going to challenge me in my quest for fitness. (1) Work has become really busy, and I have to get up really early to workout, or wait until 6pm. That type of schedule in the past has caused me to lose motivation. I’m going to do my best to power through it and stay on schedule. (2) Including today, I have a few weekends coming up that are going to challenge my diet. Today, I’m helping my brother chaperone a hoard of teenagers to San Diego for a baseball game, a concert, dinner, and a special dessert hangout. No “healthy” food will probably be in sight. I’m eating breakfast at home and taking some healthy snacks with me that can last in the car, but as for meals, I know I’ll have to find something at the baseball park for lunch and later at a mall for dinner that will be satisfying and healthy. Wish me luck. The rest of the weekends coming up will be filled with little trips out of town. You know how those go… inconsistent meals, and a lot of fast food. Again, I will aim for healthy everytime, but like I said before, wish me luck.

The Reward

I approached my seventh week of Kenpo X thinking it would be just another hard-ass workout. On the first break I checked my heart rate — 168. On the second break I checked my heart rate — 162. I was slightly puzzled because my heart is usually thumping way over 170 by the second break. Everytime I checked my heart rate it was under 170. And after everytime I checked I would push a little harder, but it never changed. It stayed under 170 for the entire workout. My wife, a medical student, explained that my heart was getting used to the high level of physical activity and it was becoming more effecient at pumping blood through my body. The more effecient it is the less it needs to work. That made me feel proud.

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