What an incredible 2nd week! I started the week still suffering a bit from the DOMS that started halfway through the week, but after a couple days this past week, the soreness was gone (thanks to persistance and good nutrition). Don’t get fooled, I still had the slight aches for a few hours after each workout, but the prolonged soreness had worked it’s way out. How did that make me feel?

It made me feel like I could accomplish anything! I feel like I can try my best through each workout and really bring it. It’s an amazing feeling. Can’t wait to bump it up this next week.

The Challenge

I really want to bump up my weights and/or reps this next week, but I have experienced some disappointments in the past. In those moments I have found that I get so frustrated that I might not have reached my new goal I lose focus and suddenly I don’t feel like working out the next day. How do I plan to counteract that feeling if it comes around?

I’ll be prepared for it. I’m going to try my very best in each routine, but if I come up a little short on one of the exercises I’m prepared to feel the disappointment, but to encourage myself that I can try again next time, and maybe even surpass my goal. There’s always a next time.

The Reward

A little earlier today I attended a very beautiful wedding. I don’t always like getting dressed up, but I was very happy to adorn a suit to celebrate my friends’ marriage. I was pleasantly surprised when I changed into my suit and realized how great it fit. I acquired the suit a few weeks after my own wedding back in March of this year (2011). I got it a little small in anticipation of losing some weight. Well, I did.

Side Note: Last week I gained 4 pounds. Today, I weighed-in 3 pounds lighter than last week. Not too bad.

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