Getting through the 3rd week I learned a lot about my body. If I push for more, my body will respond and I will see and feel gains. In the 2nd week I really brought it and so this past week I saw myself surpass goals I never thought were possible this early into my 4th attempt at P90X. Those gains have given me great encouragement as I head into the 4th week.

The Challenge

I weighed myself early this morning, as I usually do every Sunday, to find out I had lost one pound from the week before. This means I am back to the same weight I had started with at the beginning of this 4th attempt (253 pounds). Now, I have obviously put on some muscle and I have noticed some minor fat loss. So, all-in-all, I’m happy. However, I would like to see a bit more fat loss heading into Phase 2 of this 4th attempt, so I’m challenging myself to add a little second workout towards the end of my day. It might be a 30-50 minute cardio routine, a long fast walk, a basketball game, or a run through the park. With this new strategy I think I can truly begin to maximize my results of muscle toning and fat loss.

The Reward

I feel really strong and energized heading into the first recovery week. I know a good portion of the credit for my energy has been the food. I’ve been eating a lot better and incorporating all types of complex carbs, good veggies, and lean protein. My wife just went shopping for the next week and a half, and the food she brought back are even better. I really like eating healthy. I can’t wait to dig in!

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