I’m officially one week through my 4th attempt of P90X. It’s been amazing, but all at the same time one of the most challenging first weeks I have ever had. The lack of heavy exercise, other than an occasional soccer game, left me a little soft. Halfway through the week the DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) kicked in with a vengence. I continued the routines, although I must admit I backed off a bit to ensure I could continue this next week. So, even though if you poke me in the wrong spot right now I could possibly collapse onto the floor into the fetal position, I am excited to start it all over this week.

The Challenge

This next week is going to challenge my will power to push through a little pain. Yes, I do plan to be careful and not push it past a healthy level, but I really do want to “bring it”. I guess trying to keep a healthy balance between nursing my DOMS and bringing it might turn out to be the biggest challenge.

The Reward

I gained 4 pounds this past week (I weigh myself weekly). I’m not sure if it is water weight, since I have started to drink the recommended amount of water each day, and sometimes more. It could be a combination of a little gain in muscle and most of it in water. Hmmm? Nevertheless, I see it as a reward because either one is good for me. I also feel really good (probably because of the water).

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