Today, I plan to start my fourth attempt at P90X. I love P90X, but I have never made it all the way through. The first time, I made it through the 3rd week and got unfortunately sick. I lost my rythm and never made it back. The second time, I made through the 5th week and like the first time I got sick. The third time, I had issues approaching and finishing the 5th week due to a couple small injuries playing soccer. Nevertheless, I am determined to make it all the way through P90X this time around.

Why is P90X so important to me? Well, even though I have never finished a full series I have lost over 30 pounds. I also fractured my L1 back in December of 2009, but after starting my first attempt at P90X in May of 2010 my flexibility and mobility have improved ten-fold. The results I have seen with P90X are amazing and I would really like to say I’ve completed a full series.

The Challenge

The main challenge this time around is the same challenge I faced last time: consistency. The challenge isn’t the time. It’s just making sure I stay motivated to workout even if I feel a little tired. As long as I eat right and “bring it” I’m sure I can make it through.

The Reward

One of the many rewards I’m looking forward to is fitting into some of my clothes I’ve stuffed away, and using the momentum of finishing this series to start-up another.

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