Why did Feruzi dig deep in his workouts, but also tried really hard not to push it too far? SO HE COULD WORKOUT THE WEEK AFTER!

The Challenge

I messed it all up for myself last week. I pushed my body too hard and I paid the price dearly. The delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) that ensued last weekend not only impeded my performance during soccer and basketball, but also kept me on the sideline from P90X this last week. Yup… another week without working out. It happened. I know. But I had too!

DOMS occurs when your muscles have trouble in the recovery process due to a heavy workout where they may have been pushed a little too hard, or because they do not receive the proper nutrients during or after the performance (or workout). The muscle tighten, or become inflamed, to prevent more damage or injury.

The soreness of my muscles were so intense that I felt that if I attempted P90X I would cause more damage and risk injury. I didn’t want to push it, and the best treatment of DOMS is rest. So, I reluctantly rested. Do you have a better suggestion?

The Reward