Feruzi Mwero

About Me - My Hobbies



I’ve been playing guitar for 12 years! I love practicing, strumming aimlessly, and playing on stage. However, I only hold my guitar once in a while. Too busy.



If you knew me as a child you would swear I'm lying. Nay, my friend. I do love to read. I pick stategic times during the year to throw myself into a book or two. Otherwise, I'd get nothing done.



Currently, I play with a team on a indoor soccer men's league once a week -- with the occasional double-header. Depending on the night I may play striker, defense, or goalie.


Automobiles (motors)

I'm obsessed with cars, trucks, motorcycles, and just about any form of transportation that runs on a motor.



I love to bowl. Whether for fun or few a friendly stakes, bowling is just a great way to unwind. I would love to average 190+, but for now I'll trail behind my younger brother(s).



Ever since I was a child I was fascinated by the camera. I'm not an expert, but when I have a chance to take a few good shots I'll do my best.



One of my most favorite sports to play is basketball. Currently I get together with a few friends once a week for a few hours to challenge each other in a few games.


Working-out (exercising)

You wouldn't guess it now, but at one point I was in incredible shape. I love working out so I'm fighting to reach that point once again. I can see it over the horizon. I visit the gym occasionally, but lately I've been making a run with P90X. Pea-ninety-ex!! Yeah!!


Cycling (mountain biking)

One of my favorite modes of transportation is a bicycle. I love moutain biking, and lately I've been tapped on the shoulder by road cycling. Currently I don't have a bicycle due to some unfortunate circumstances, but I'm determined to get back on a bike and ride.


Web Design/Graphics Design

Yes, it is work. It is how I make a living, but even if I made a living doing something else, I would still practice web design & graphics design as a hobby.