Feruzi Mwero

About Me - My Summary


Again, my name is Feruzi Mwero.

I live both in Las Vegas, Nevada and in Redlands, California. I great deal of my time is spent in Southern California with my lovely wife, both of my brothers, and many dear friends in my life. I work professionally as a web designer and web marketer, but with my experience in different fields I also fill-in as a writer, photographer, graphics designer and even a guitarist.

As much as I know, I am a caffeine addict. I managed to curb the intense cravings for quite a while but my recent work has thrown me off the wagon, or back on the wagon. I could never figure out that euphemism. In stark contradiction, I am a healthy-living advocate. Of course, I have vices, weaknesses, and purposely stubborn habits, but for the most part I try to eat whole grains, fresh vegetables, nutritious meals, and as much water as I can drink. I also love to be physically active.

Thanks to a bunch of friends spread out across the IE, LA, and OC, I have the opportunity to play basketball once a week for a few hours, and play with a team on an indoor soccer league. I’m currently in the process of recapturing the fitness level I once had when I was 17, 18, and 19 years old. I visit the gym a couple times a week if I can, but I spend most of fitness time training with P90X. Bring it!!